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Christopher Jon Gombos
Actor/stunt performer
203-257-4988 cell


Height: 62
Jacket: 46L

Shoes: 10
Weight: 215 lbs.
Pant: 36 waist 34 inseam

Glove: large
Eyes: blue Hair: blonde
shirt: 35 sleeve 17 neck
Hat: 7-1/4

Stunts   Coordinator

"gun hill"
"onion news"
"onion news"
"boardwalk empire"
"the wedding"
"jersey city"
"person of interest"
"brass tea pot"
"bored to death"
"Solomon grundy"
"law & order "
"Violet & Daisy"
"friends with benefits"(2009)
"life before her eys"
"we own the night"
"college road trip"

founding patriot 1 / stunts
glen the producer/ stunt driver
stunt reporter
griswalt/ stunts
goon #2/ stunts
rough dude #2 stunts
cowboy / stunts
stunt double bruno gioiello
stunt double danny hoch
hockey coach/ hockey coordinator
stunt double/coordinator
stunt double
stunts/ man #4
stunt/cia agent
stunt drunk/fell out of stool)
car skid/ police officer (un cred
stunt cop/prisoner restraint
stunts//tackle ,slip and falls

jeff ward
manny siverio
manny siverio
george aguilar /steve pope
roy farfel/ manny siverio
pete buccosi
jeff Gibson
chris columbo/ manny siverio
curtis lyons
Pete Buccosi
chris gombos
chris gombos
jery Hewitt/ian mclaughlin
Pete bucossi
brad martin
dir.Gorman bechard
2929 productions
manny siverio
manny siverio

Special Skills/stunt skills all expected abilities
skid turns ,box 90’s-180’s,flying 90’s, threshold braking ,reverse 180’s
Team sports: ice hockey (expert), football (expert), baseball,
Fighting for film, squib hits , fire arms handling , fire burns, stair falls, high falls ( 30’) Ratchet , air ram, ground pounding, bulldogging..
Misc skills : swimming( open water ), rollerblading, bicycle(crashes ,car hits)

Acting Training Alan Gordon (acting coach meisner technique

Drivers East stunt/precision driving school
roy farfel, mike burke instructors Rick Seaman Level 1 stunt driving school

Stunt Coordinators

Manny Siverio
Feff Gibson
Todd Schneider
Jery Hewitt
Ian Mclaughlin
Steve Pope
Chris Columbo
Pete Bucossi
Brad Martin
George Aguilar
Jeff Ward